Breton Music And Dance

Hardly a weekend goes by without a fest noz (“party night” in Breton) taking place somewhere in the neighbourhood. Traditional music, with its roots shared with Irish and Welsh music, can be heard live, sung often by two singers accompanied by bagpipe and clarinet. Breton dancing brings together people of all ages, arm-in-arm in groups of up to 50, stamping their feet in time to the music.

Luxury Holiday Cottage in the heart of beautiful Northern France

Welcome To Brittany Farm Holidays

Our tiny farm is beautifully situated in the peaceful hamlet of Trevenec close to Carnoët and La Vallée des Saints in Central Brittany. It has stunning views over the surrounding countryside and the Foret Dominiale de Freau. We have small flocks of Shetland and Lande de Bretagne Sheep which lamb in spring and early summer. The sheep provide a variety of natural coloured fleece for spinning into yarn. Our goats are pets and are very friendly; we also have free range hens which provide fresh "tasty" eggs for us and our guests.

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