Lambing Live!

September 2, 2015

Our flock of about 20 sheep is made up mostly of 2 main breeds, Shetlands and Lande de Bretagne’s. We chose them because they are small to medium sized breeds that are friendly and easy to handle.

The ewes are all quite young but the more mature ones produced 5 lovely lambs this year. It was amazing to see them standing and feeding from their mum’s within minutes of being born.

We had two lovely Morrit Shetland boys, a white Lande de Bretagne boy, a Oussant girl and a cross bred black girl. All of them were born under our barn or in our small “maternity” paddock.

Now the ewes are more mature (and we are a little more experienced and prepared) our lambing should be a little more structured this year (2016). We hope to have between 12 and 20 lambs born between April and June.

Luxury Holiday Cottage in the heart of beautiful Northern France

Welcome To Brittany Farm Holidays

Our tiny farm is beautifully situated in the peaceful hamlet of Trevenec close to Carnoët and La Vallée des Saints in Central Brittany. It has stunning views over the surrounding countryside and the Foret Dominiale de Freau. We have small flocks of Shetland and Lande de Bretagne Sheep which lamb in spring and early summer. The sheep provide a variety of natural coloured fleece for spinning into yarn. Our goats are pets and are very friendly; we also have free range hens which provide fresh "tasty" eggs for us and our guests.

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